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Doobacco - Indonesian shisha tobacco

Doobacco Indonesia specializes in producing the highest quality shisha molasses. They are shisha tobacco sole manufacturers in Indonesia. With ingredients like tobaccos which are processed in France and imported flavors from Germany, they produce best shisha tobaccos under highest international standards.

Doobacco Indonesia offers different tobacco flavors, that can satisfy even the most demanding hookah smokers. This is only a small part of doobacco flavors:

Below is the list of 10 best doobacco shisha flavors according to our review:

1. Ice Bubble Gum - mint & bubble gum taste, favorite flavor among our customers;

2. After Eighteen - mint & chocolate, reminds the luxurious Swiss sweets;

3. Blueberry - pure blueberry taste will bring you summer feelings anytime;

4. Mandarin - authentic citrus flavor, tastes like sweet orange with lemon;

5. Baileys - famous liquor taste, fresh dairy cream, chocolate and vanilla;

6. Tequila Sunrise - ever used to smoke a cocktail? you should have a try;

7. Ginger Tea - traditional Indonesian spicy tea taste, favorite of many people;

8. Pistachios Vera - the unique taste of pistachio ice cream with aloe vera;

9. Banana Split - taste of your favorite banana dessert with chocolate;

10. Cappuccino - special for all coffee lovers, pure oriental coffee taste.

If you feel interested and would like to buy Doobacco Indonesia shisha tobacco, you can contact the manufacturer directly through this link: www.doobaccoindonesia.com

Or just contact us, and we will help you to get it.

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